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Traditional Chinese medicine discipline has a well-established history and it has increasingly gained recognition in the scientific field taking into account the favourable efficacies demonstrated by Chinese herbal medicines and therapeutic means in the treatment of some common diseases. Inspired by the Nobel prize recently awarded to Professor Tu YouYou with her excellent contribution in the discovery of an anti-malaria drug derived from a Chinese herb, Qing Hao, this international symposium aims to provide a platform facilitating scientists from different parts of the world to discuss the drug discovery progress in Chinese medicine and its strategies for treating complicated diseases. At this symposium, participants will share their expertise and insights on herbal resourses and quality control, phytochemistry and pharmacology, translational research and clinical studies. There would be a thorough examination of the potential role(s) played by Chinese Medicine in treating some complicated diseases. Through inviting prominent academics, researchers and experts of different areas who come from Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Macau, mainland China, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the United States, etc., the symposium offers a precious opportunity for an exchange of invaluable ideas and knowledge with synergetic effects with the keen participation of speakers and participants.

On behalf of the School of Chinese Medicine, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for the unyielding support of all the invited guests, speakers, poster presenters, co-organizers and participants as well as the generous donation from the Pong’s family in materializing this event. Marking the 10th anniversary of the Symposium this year, your continued support is inevitable for contributing to the success of this event as well as achieving fruitful results over the previous years. I hope that all of you would benefit a lot from the rewarding interaction at this symposium.

Professor Lixing LAO, Ph.D., MB (勞力行教授)
Honorary Chairman, Organizing and Academic
Committee of the Symposium

Vivian Taam Wong Professorship in Integrative Medicine
Professor and Director
School of Chinese Medicine
The University of Hong Kong

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I am most delighted to welcome you all to the “10th Pong Ding Yuen International Symposium on Traditional Chinese Medicine - Drug Discovery from Chinese Medicines: Strategies for Complicated Diseases”.

This Symposium is organized by LKS Faculty of Medicine, the University of Hong Kong and sponsored by Pong Ding Yuen Endowment Fund for Education and Research in Chinese Medicine. It is a great honor for the School of Chinese Medicine, the University of Hong Kong to host this Symposium, with the support of Chinese Medicine Experimental Pharmacology Branch of Chinese Association of Chinese Medicine, Consortium for Globalization of Chinese Medicine (CGCM), Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, Hong Kong Association of Chinese Herbal Pharmacology, Hong Kong Association for Integration of Chinese-Western Medicine (HKAIM), Hong Kong Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners Association, Modernized Chinese Medicine International Association, School of Chinese Medicine of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, School of Chinese Medicine of Hong Kong Baptist University and Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The journey of drug discovery and development of new therapeutic strategies in modern medical history involves the discovery of bioactive molecules from medicinal plants and animals. A great number of chemicals have been developed as drug(s) or leading drug(s) which are beneficial to human healthcare. Through establishing collaboration between the academia and the industry stakeholders, it facilitates the conversion of theoretical ideas into practical projects in real settings. As a dominant healthcare system in ancient China and an essential contemporary complementary medicine, Chinese Medicine has taken up an important role in the early stage as well as the modern drug and therapeutic strategies. The abundant clinical records of Chinese Medicine help pave way for the discovery of new drug(s) and therapeutic strategies in a more efficient way which will eventually benefit the development of human healthcare system.

With the theme of “Drug Discovery from Chinese Medicines: Strategies for Complicated Diseases”, we do not only aim at promoting knowledge exchange between different parties, but also strengthening the collaboration between the academia and industry stakeholders as well. International renowned scholars and scientists in different fields of medical and pharmaceutical science are invited to share their latest findings on scientific breakthroughs. Budding researchers will also be invited to share their ideas as fresh investigators. By gathering medical experts of various fields, the symposium serves as the platform for participants to share their views and experiences, explore opportunities for potential future collaborations in the research of discovery and development of new drugs as well as the therapeutic strategies in Chinese Medicine.

Taking note of the 10th anniversary of the Symposium this year, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to the Pong’s Family for their generous support over the past years. Coupled with your unreserved support and inspiring ideas, we shall join hands together to continually solidify on our strengths and pursue excellence in our research for achieving another milestone in the years ahead!

Dr Yibin FENG (馮奕斌博士)
Chairperson, Organizing and Academic Committee of the Symposium

Associate Professor and Associate Director (Education)
School of Chinese Medicine
The Universty of Hong Kong



The Symposium Secretariat reserves the rights to amend or update the information without advance notice.

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