HK SciFest 2019: Chinese Medicine Seminar: Seasonal Life Preservation in Chinese Medicine

Under the holistic concept in Chinese Medicine, humans are part of the nature and human body is interconnected with the natural environment. In the order of nature, spring, summer, autumn and winter are the four seasons in a year with different climatic changes. As a result, due to influences from changes in the surrounding natural environment, corresponding physiological and pathological responses could be induced to happen in the human body. It is believed that treating diseases that have already caused damage in the body is much more difficult than preventing them from occurring in the first place. However, if we can behave appropriately according to the seasonal changes in the nature before the infection or further invasion of diseases, it should help us prevent illnesses and maintain the healthy condition in our body. Chinese Medicine Practitioner will introduce the doctrine of seasonal health preservation in Chinese Medicine in this seminar. It offers opportunities for participants to understand the philosophies of integrating health and nature as well as the knowledge of health preservation with reference to seasonal changes and body needs.